How to Win a Chevening Scholarship 2021?

Is it easy to win a Chevening Scholarship? How to Win a Chevening Scholarship without IELTS? You might be aware that the Chevening Scholarship will be open from 3rd September 2020. The Good news is that Chevening English language requirement has been removed for 2020/2021 applicants. You do not need to provide evidence of English language ability to be eligible for the Prestigious Chevening scholarships in 2021. So, we will guide you through the whole process, guidelines, hacks for Chevening scholarships, and what makes you win a Chevening scholarship.

To let you know at the start, Chevening is a highly competitive scholarship, Fully Funded by the UK Government. To Enable future students to study at any UK University. The Scholarship is to undertake a Postgraduate Master Degree program. Chevening Scholarship is open to any country. There are No country Restrictions. The last date to apply will be the same for all countries. This time the application window is shorter due to COVID-19.

Chevening Scholarship is Fully Funded by the Government of the UK. The Scholarship will cover your Accommodation, Your tuition Fee, Fees, Airfare Tickets, Books, Stipend, Vis Costs, etc, Each and everything will be covered. So don’t worry, you don’t need to spend a single penny. But for this, you need to give your most of the time to be selected for the Chevening scholarship for the year 2021. The Era of Highly Prestigious scholarships is now coming, and Bill Gates came first in this. Bill Gates announced 300 Bill Gates Scholarships Program 2021 | United States | Fully Funded

Detailed Guidelines on How to Win a Chevening Scholarship

Chevening Scholarship Application Tips

If you’re planning to do your Masters in the UK, and you’ve already heard of the Chevening scholarship. The UK government’s international award scheme is highly prestigious due to its competitive selection process. In 2018-2019 they had over 68,000 applicants from 168 countries, but only 1,800 of us made it! 

You are Free to Choose from over 12,000 master’s courses at over 150 different higher education institutions. Almost all the UK universities are participating, so you can study at any UK University.

Your Chevening Application must list at least Three Courses. All Courses are the One Year Master Program.

Pro Tip: Please apply in more than 3 universities, at least 5 to 6 to secure admission, this is because if you didn’t secure admission in any of the University mentioned in your application form and has admission in 4th University (which is not mentioned in the application form) than your scholarship can still be secured.

If you have been called for an interview than in the interview you can let them know about the 4th University in which you have an admission offer.

NOTE: University Application: You Do Not Need to Have Admission Letter From University to Apply for Chevening at This Point.

Give preference to Universities in your application which you feel is the brightest chance of getting admission. But you can change the preference later at the interview stage.

The selection process takes roughly a year and comprises an application, interview, conditional offer, final award, and pre-departure briefing stages. I won’t lie, the process will demand exceptional mental and emotional strength, but don’t let that deter you from this life-changing opportunity.

Personally I’m glad I went through the process, and I am now enjoying my Masters here in the UK. If you’re thinking of applying yourself, here are some tips from my experience!

Do I still need to take an English language test?

The Chevening English language requirement has been removed for 2020/2021 applicants. You do not need to provide evidence of English language ability to be eligible for your Chevening Award.

Work Experience is Necessary for the Chevening Scholarship?

This is where Chevening won the hearts. For Chevening, you don’t need to have practical work experience. Chevening Scholarships require that applicants have at least two years of work experience.

The types of work experience that are eligible for Chevening can include:

  • Full-time employment
  • Part-time employment
  • Voluntary work
  • Paid or unpaid internships

You do not need to meet the work experience requirement in one period of employment. Applicants can submit up to ten different employment periods in order to meet the requirement. If you have held more than ten positions then please enter the periods which make up the greatest number of hours worked.

Chevening Scholarships – two years’ work experience = 2,800 hours

Research, Research, Research!

You can either choose to apply to three similar courses at different universities or three different courses at one university. Any recognized UK university and course is fine, provided it is a one-year taught postgraduate course which leads to a Masters’s degree. You cannot change your choices later on, so this is your one chance to pick something that matches your development goals. Further, you please read more about Chevening Courses.

Write your Essay with Conviction and Consideration

The essays you’re asked to write will be an important part of your application. Think about what you want to say and believe in yourself! I had initially contemplated applying for public policy and governance instead of journalism, but I quickly realized I could not convince myself that the subject was the best choice for me.

If you cannot convince yourself of the justifications you are making in your essays, how can you convince the selection panel? We would recommend you to please check How to write an Essay? What things to keep in mind.

Write About Your Leadership Skills

For essays that stand out, explore other potential angles on a topic instead of stating the obvious. In the leadership section of my essays, the easy route would have been to talk about my leadership skills and how I benefited from them. Instead, I highlighted how good leadership can inspire and contribute to human capital development.

Draw on your experiences where the need is but keep examples short and let the word limit steer you to be concise. For after-study plans, it may help to refer to the UK’s efforts in your home country that are aligned to your field of study.

Don’t Duplicate, Don’t Cheat!

The folks at Chevening want to know who you are as a person, not just your qualifications and career plans. Never get someone else to write your essays because your interview session will revolve around the points you made in them.

Beware using repetitive answers as well. It’s easy to fall into this trap as the essay questions are related to each other. Instead, work your essays in such a way that they complement each other, and have a coherent flow.

Choose your Referees Carefully

References are an integral part of Chevening’s selection process. You must supply the names of two referees when you submit your application.

Many applicants choose one academic and one professional referee, but it’s fine to provide two professional ones instead. I approached two bosses who I believed knew me better than professors who might not recall some kid they taught many years ago.

Contact your referees when filing your application because if you make it to the interview stage, the referral letters must be submitted before your interview date. Read more about Chevening References.

How to Win a Chevening Scholarship Interview?

At the interview, you will have about 1 hour to convince a panel that you are worthy of this incredible opportunity. Here are some general things that you should keep in mind.

If you are shortlisted to interview for a Chevening Scholarship, you will be invited to attend an interview in the city/town where the British embassy or high commission has a representation.

The global interview period for 2021/2022 Chevening Scholarships will run from 1 March to 30 April 2021, so do ensure you’ll be available for an interview during that period.

Book a Morning Slot

Be Consistent with your Essays

Examples of Chevening Interview Questions

  • Why do I want to study in the UK?
  • Why am I interested in Chevening?
  • Why I chose my course of study?
  • Why do I consider myself a leader?
  • My Short term and long term professional goals (especially linking it to what the UK is doing in my country).
  • How will my country benefit from my experience and expertise in the future?

Recently we have Published a List of Fully Funded Scholarships, Internships, Exchange Programs.

Is Chevening Prestigious?

Chevening began in 1983 and has developed into a prestigious international awards scheme. There are over 50,000 Chevening Alumni around the world who comprise an influential and highly regarded global network.

I believe if you follow the above tips you can easily Standout your application. You can search more about How to Win a Chevening Scholarship, you will find more materials.

Here Are Some more Tips on Applying for Scholarships you can consider it. Most of the Universities already waived GRE/GMAT due to COVID-19. Some of the Universities are accepting the Online IELTS Test.

Deadline to Apply for Chevening Scholarship

The Chevening Scholarship window will be open on 3rd September 2020 and will be close on 3rd November 2020. We will make an announcement once the application window will open. 

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