30th International Youth Forum 2019 South Korea (Fully Funded)

Applications are invited to Apply for the 30th International Youth Forum Korea. Grab an Opportunity to Change your Thinking! Get Involved and Make a Change! This international Youth Conference will bring Students from 40+ Countries. All expenses covered Free trip to Korea.

Total 200 Students will be Selected from 40+ Countries. The Duration of the International Youth Forum will be from 16th July 2019 to 23rd July 2019. Approximately 1 Week Trip. participants with Any academic discipline are eligible to Apply.

There is NO Language Certificate Required. Only youths between the ages of 18 and 26 are Eligible. The program will Cover Meals, Accommodation, Airfare, Local Transportation. The International Youth Forum will be held at Seoul International Youth Center.

International Youth Forum 2019 Details

  • Country: South Korea
  • Venue: Seoul International Youth Center
  • Duration: 16th July 2019 to 23rd July 2019
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: 31st May 2019

Financial Coverage & Benefits

As Stated Above, 30th International Youth Forum is a Fully Funded Conference for Youth & it will Cover all the expenses.

  1. Accommodation will be Given.
  2. Meals will be Given
  3. Local Transportation will be Given
  4. Cultural tour in Seoul
    • Providing opportunities to learn Korean culture and history by educational field trips
    • Tour Places: Seoul N Tower, Changdeokgung Palace, etc
    • Youth Night.
  5. Round Airfare Tickets: 600,000KRW (about 560USD) grant will be provided for travel cost (airfare) to the participants from Africa, Oceania, Europe, and American regions.
    B. 300,000KRW (about 280USD) grant will be provided for travel costs (airfare) to the participants from Asian countries.

NOTE: If You Apply Directly through International Youth forum Website they will give Airfare Tickets up to 280$.

But if You Apply from the Korean Embassy Website of Your Country You will get Full Airfare Ticket Price.

The Below Mentioned Countries Can Apply through the Korean Embassy Website in Their Country or They can also Apply Directly.

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Nepal, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore.

Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore] These countries are not eligible for airfare sponsorship.

You can Check More info About Airfare (CLICK HERE)

Main Theme of 30th International Youth Forum 

Shared Vision of Youth for Local, National, and Global Village

There are 3 Main Topics & 9 subcategories. Select Any 1 Main topic & write on that.

1School Education and Youth Activities for Inclusion and InclusivenessInclusion in School: Diversity and Inclusive Education
Effects of Community Sharing for Inclusion: Local and Global-level Volunteer Practice
Action Plans for Connecting School Education and Community Activities for Inclusion and Inclusiveness
2Roles and Assignments of the Media for Inclusion and InclusivenessExploring Discrimination Types and Policies through the Lens of Media
Light and Shadow of the Internet and SNS Usage
Effects of the 1st Person Media and Youth Participation Plan
3Exploring of the Inclusion Environment DesignsHomo Ludens (playing humans) Youth Environment for Life: Inclusive Environment Design for Play and Relaxation
Inclusive Planning for Community Work/Occupation/Cultural Space
Exploration of Inclusiveness and Practicality through Universal Design

Eligibility Criteria

  • Youths between the ages of 18 and 26 who have a strong interest in the topics.
  • Youths who have a good command of English (official language)
  • Youths who are able to participate fully in our schedule.
  • Youths who are unproblematic in entering/departing the Republic of Korea regarding visa issuance.

Result Announcement

The results will be noticed on our website within 2 weeks of the application deadline. (May subject to change depending on the situation)


The Last Date to Apply for the 30th International Youth Forum 2019 South Korea is 31st May 2019

How to Apply

You have to Apply Online through the source Given below. It’s Your choice whether you want to Apply through the Korean Embassy from their website or from the International Youth Forum website.


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