Korean Government Scholarship 2020 For International Students (Fully Funded)

Applications are invited to apply for the Korean Government Scholarship 2020 For International Students. The Government of Korea is now accepting applications from all the international students. The Classes will be Start in Late Feb 2020.

Korean Scholarship for International Students is Fully Funded Scholarships for all the international Students. Last Year, they awarded 170 Undergraduate Scholarships & 700 Graduate Scholarships. Korean Government Scholarship is Now also called Global Korea Scholarship.

All-Academic Fields are available in all the Listed Universities under Global Korea Scholarship. A great opportunity to Study in South Korea Free.

Korean Government Scholarship 2020 Details

  • Country: South Korea
  • Course Level: Undergraduate
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: End of October 2020

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About GKS Scholarship

To provide international students with opportunities to conduct advanced studies in undergraduate & graduate programs at higher educational institutions in the Republic of Korea in order to promote international exchanges in education and mutual friendship between countries.

  • For Now, they have Announced Scholarship for Undergraduate (Bachelors).
  • And For Masters & Ph.D. they will Announce Applications in Feb 2020.

Duration of the Korean Government Scholarship Undergraduate

The Duration of the Bachelors Undergraduate Scholarship will be for 4 Years.

Total No of Candidates to be Selected:

This Year they will select 185 Candidates for Undergraduate Degree.

Available Fields & Majors

All-Academic Fields are Available. Students can select any type of Courses available in the Universities. The Duration will be for 4 Years.

Financial Coverage

Global Korea Scholarship 2020 is a Fully Funded Scholarship in South Korea for all the international Students. The Following Expenses will be covered by the Korean Government.

  • Airfare Tickets
  • Resettlement Allowance
  • Living Allowance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Language Courses
  • Tuition Fees
  • Award for Excellent Korean Language Proficiency
  • Research Support
  • Printing Costs (Dissertation)
  • Completion Grant

Korean Government Scholarship


The Last date to apply for the Korean Government Scholarship 2020 Varies from University to University & Embassy to Embassy. Please Check Procedure below & Apply.

All the Universities & Embassies have to send their selected students Nominations to NIIED by 1st November 2019. So, the universities Deadlines will be before this date.

Korean Government Scholarship

How to Apply (Step by Step)

So, there are two procedures to apply for the Korean Government Scholarships in Korea. You have to Select Any One. Note that (Anyone Procedure)

First Procedure Via Embassy:

Any Field of Studies or Major Except Medicine, Dentistry, Architecture, Pharmacy
The embassy will give the procedure and guidelines of what to do.
Find the Korean Embassy in Your Country & ask them when they will open Applications.
The deadlines will be before 1st November 2019 because all the Korean embassies have to send their selected nominations to NIIED.

Second Procedure Via University:

Only Engineering and Natural Sciences Majors Except for Medicine, dentistry, architecture, the pharmacy can apply Via this Method.
You have to select a university in the given list of universities by KGSP. Apply in that university. University will nominate you as its KGSP candidate and will send names to NIIED and they will select final candidates.
The deadlines will be before 1st November 2019 because all the Korean embassies have to send their selected nominations to NIIED.
Note: You can Apply Via One Way Only Either by Embassy or University


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