METI Japan Internship Program 2019 Government of Japan Internship Program

The wait is Over Now. The Big program is Here. Applications are invited to Apply for the METI Japan Internship Program 2019 from the Government of Japan. This internship in Japan is Fully Sponsored by the Govt of Japan for all Students from all around the world.

In the METI Japan Internship Program, they will select 200 Students from all around the world with Any Nationality. The Duration of the METI Internship will be for 2.5 to 3 Months. There are No Criteria for a CPGA, or For any academic discipline. Participants with any Fields are eligible. In fact, NO LANGUAGE TEST is Required.

The Undergraduate Students & Graduate Students age be at least 20 years of age and not older than 40 are Eligible with any academic field. If You don’t have a passport Yet Now, You can still Apply. After the selection, they will ask you to make a passport. Read Further Details below.


METI Japan Internship Program 2019 Details

  • Country: Japan
  • Sponsored by: The Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry of Japan (METI)
  • Duration: 2.5 to 3 Months
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: June 15, 2019

METI Japan Internship Fields

METI internship Japan for international students Offers a wide Range of fields which are given below.

  • Law, Policy
  • Economics, Management/Administration, Business
  • Sociology, Environmental Information Sciences
  • Japanese Language, Culture
  • Foreign Language, International Culture (Excluding Japanese)
  • Humanities
  • Education
  • Domestic Science, Home Economics
  • Religion, Divinity
  • Healthcare
  • Arts, Music
  • Athletics
  • Other Liberal Arts
  • Mechanical Engineerings
  • Mathematics
  • Electric/Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Physics, Applied Physics
  • Architecture, Civil Engineering
  • Biology, Life Sciences
  • Chemistry, Material Engineerings
  • Natural Resources, Global Environment
  • Agriculture
  • Fisheries
  • Animal/Dairy Husbandry
  • Pharmacy
  • Mercantile Marine
  • Medical Science, Dentistry
  • Veterinary
  • Hygiene, Nursing Care
  • Other Sciences/Engineerings

Financial Coverage

As Stated Above, METI Japan Internship Program is a Fully Funded Internships for International Students. All the expenses will be covered. METI is a free internship abroad in Japan & also a paid internship japan

  1. Allowance: 4,000 yen per day for living expenses. This amount will be paid for the entire duration of the internship
  2. Airfare Tickets: Round-trip economy class air ticket, travel insurance.
  3. Internship insurance
  4. Transportation
  5. Accommodation expenses associated with the training program.

Eligible Countries

Here is the List of Eligible Countries Given below in the File. Almost all countries are eligible. Check Your Country HERE

Eligibility Criteria

  • Holding citizenship of an eligible country or region
  • Proficiency in English. NO LANGUAGE TEST is Required.
  • As a rule, applicants should be at least 20 years of age and no older than 40 as at June. 15. 2019
  • Applicants must be also able to submit a school or university enrolment or graduation certificate and a letter of recommendation from an affiliated university or institution etc.
  • Able to undertake both the internship and preliminary training full-time at the host company.

Internship Periods

  • A: Entering Japan on Sun, September 1 & departing on Tue, November 12
  • B: Entering Japan on Mon, September 9 & departing on Tue, November 19
  • C: Entering Japan on Tue, September 17 & departing on Tue, November 26
  • D: Entering Japan on Mon, September 30 & departing on Tue, December 10
  • E: Entering Japan on Mon, October 7 & departing on Tue, December 17

Interns Responsibilities

Main responsibilities of interns are:

  • Formulating an internship plan (roles/goals, etc. of an intern) discussing with the Internship manager
  • Participating in pre-training, follow-up training, and wrap-up presentation.
  • Engaging in a full-time internship during the designated period.
  • Taking responsibility for their own safety and health as thoroughly as possible. Securing emergency-related information network in Japan. Keeping in touch with the Program Office and the host company regularly as reporting or consulting with them in case of injury or mental disease etc.
  • Being obliged to handle some tasks requested from the program office (document, notification, and report) not only during the internship period but also before and after the internship.
  • Appropriate behavior represented as a recipient of public funds from the Japanese government.

Result Notification

As a result of approval by the Screening Committee, a letter of notification of acceptance will be sent both to the intern and the host company. Based on this notification, the host company will start preparing to accept the intern, and interns will start preparing for travel to Japan and participating in the internship.


The Application period for the METI Japan Internship Program 2019 from Government of Japan Internship Program will end on Middle of June 2019

How to Apply for the METI Japan Internship Program 2019 

You have to Fill the Online Application Form. All the Details & guidelines are given in the Online Application Form.


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