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The Metro Cash & Carry offers Metro Internship, Graduate Programmes, Apprenticeship, Working Student, and International Internship Program. Metro Cash and Carry is one of the biggest Wholesale & supermarkets across the world. You will have the opportunity to make a difference for more than 16 million customers in 34 countries. International applicants can apply for the Metro Internship, Graduate Programmes, Apprenticeship, and Working Student programs in any country or in their own country where METRO works. It is a Paid Internship program. All the applicants will get paid. Join Metro, and become part of continued success in the profitable wholesale segment.

METRO has more than 680 stores in 34 countries. It is open to Current Undergraduate, Graduate, or Graduated students from any part of the world. An internship in METRO can mean so much more than a simple introduction to the working world. Real job responsibility means a true learning experience that you’ll carry with you as you begin your career.

If you wish to apply for the MTERO internship opportunities you will visit your local country’s METRO website where all the open positions will be available. If you want to work in any other country then “METRO International Graduate Program” is the one. The METRO supports your growth, your happiness, and your success. Whether you are a student, a graduate, or a young professional, everyone can find their career path at METRO. The details about the Metro Cash & Carry Internship Program are available below.

Details About Metro Internship 2022

So, METRO offers 4 types of Programs, we will discuss each one in detail and their application process.

  • Graduate Programmes (University Students)
  • Apprenticeship (Professional Career)
  • Working Student (Early Career)
  • Internship (University Students)

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1. Graduate Programmes (University Students)

Have you just graduated? Do you want to get off to a flying start at METRO? Are you looking for a management trainee program? Would you like to work internationally on exciting projects?

As a graduate, you will be prepared for challenging tasks, enabling you to make progress and take advantage of new opportunities.

Who Can Apply?

Show us your potential and be a part of our International Graduate Programme.

METRO POTENTIALS is a program specially designed to help ambitious college and university graduates launch their careers. Tailored to graduates in each country, we offer you challenging roles with big development opportunities and that doesn’t end after the program does. Learn more at

2. Apprenticeship (Professional Career)

Do you like to have a strong foundation for your professional career with an apprenticeship? Our variety of apprenticeship programs offers you a great chance to start your future career at METRO.

If you’re ready to put your knowledge into practice, Check our Local Webpages and apply for an internship in your country.

3. Working Student (Early Career)

Do you want to play an active part in the working world and contribute your ideas while you’re at university? We offer motivated students flexible part-time jobs. 

If you’re still studying and want some practical experience, you could apply as a working student or as an intern. Check our Local Webpages and apply for an internship in your country.

4. Internship

Do you want to gain some practical experience? That’s exactly what internships at METRO have to offer.

Join us as an intern Over several months, you’ll gain insights into our business, contribute your ideas to influence our operations, and learn how you can grow with us. METRO offers many options for students who want to gain experience in the wholesale sector.

An internship at METRO can mean so much more than a simple introduction to the working world. Check our Local Webpages and apply for an internship in your country.

METRO Internship Stipend

In the US, All the Interns are paid $20/Hour during their Internship program.

Areas and Fields offered by METRO

Metro Cash & Carry offers internships in several areas. Interested candidates can choose to apply in their area of interest, some available options are as follows:

  • Business Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Brand Management
  • Corporate Security
  • Investment Controlling
  • Packaging Design
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing

METRO Working Countries

How to Apply for the Metro Cash and Carry Internship Program

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