HEC Morocco Government Scholarships For Pakistani Students 2019-20 (BS,MS, PhD)

Applications are invited to apply for the HEC Morocco Government Scholarships For Pakistani Students 2019-20. Morocco Scholarships are offered by the Moroccan Agency of International Cooperation (AMCI) for the Year 2019-20. All-Academic Fields including Medical, Engineering, Agriculture available.

The Kingdom of Morocco offering scholarships to Pakistani students who intended to enroll themselves in Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. Programs. Since this scholarship is offered by the Moroccan Government, hence, NO additional financial responsibility will be on part of the Higher Education Commission Islamabad.

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HEC Morocco Government Scholarships Details

  • Country: Morocco
  • Course Level: Bachelor, Master, PhD
  • Financial Coverage: Scholarship by the Kingdom of Morocco
  • Deadline: 16th August 2019

Eligible For Course Level

  • An applicant must hold a minimum of 12 years of higher secondary school certificate for the Undergraduate program.
  • 16 years of education in relevant fields of study for the Master’s program.
  • Postgraduate qualification (18 years of education) in the relevant field of study for admission in Ph.D. Programmes in respective Moroccan universities.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be a Pakistani/AJK national & permanent resident of Pakistan/AJK. No dual nationality will be accepted.
  • Mode of Communication is French language and those who do not have sufficient level of the French language, need to take language upgrade course in the first academic year and after successfully passing language course can be enrolled in a degree program. No repetition in a language course is allowed. Linguistic fields, Arabic literature & Islamic studies are taught in Arabic and applicants of these fields have to learn Arabic.
  • The selected scholar shall be available to start his/her academic studies in the Moroccan Universities by the start of the academic year in September/October 2019.
  • The applicant shall not currently be availing any other scholarship.
  • Applicants must fulfill other requirements set by the concerned university in Morocco.
  • The candidate must not be suspended from the Kingdom of Morocco earlier due to any criminal activity.

Application Procedure (Important)

The Application Form is in French but should be filled in English.

For the convenience of applicants, Un-Official English Translation of French form is uploaded at Moroccan_Scholarship form.pdf

Download and fill AMCI application form available in French at fcf.pdf.

Please note that AMCI application form is in French language but the applicant needs to fill his/her particulars in the English language for consideration of HEC & AMCI.

Apply through HEC online application portal i.e. http://eportal.hec.gov.pk/loa. Fill out the online application complete in all respect.

After successful submission of the application form, get its printed copy and attach the payment receipt of Rs.300/- with HEC Application form only. All payments are to be made to HEC through HBL online facility. This facility is available in all branches of Habib Bank Ltd. A separate bank Account No. 17427900133401 at HBL, Sector H-9, Shalimar Branch, Islamabad is being maintained for online transfer of fee to HEC.

All applicants should note that all nominations from Pakistan will be routed via HEC.

Please send two sets of AMCI application form (French language form filled in English) along with required documents as mentioned at page-2 of the application form (PDF file), in Spiral binding and one copy of HEC application form with original fee receipt separately in Spiral binding TO:

In-charge Learning Opportunities Abroad

HRD Division, Higher Education Commission

Sector H-8, Islamabad.

E-mail: loa@hec.gov.pk

Phone: 90808029


The last date to apply for the Morocco Government Scholarships For Pakistani Students is 16th August 2019


Muhammad Saim Rasheed has won four fully-funded scholarships to the United States, Egypt, Turkey, and the Maldives. He is a Motivational Speaker and educationist. He started a Scholarship blog Opportunities Corner for young students to find global opportunities for Free.