Popular Study Abroad Destination and Why?

Hello everyone. In this post we are going to tell you the Popular Study Abroad Destination and why they are popular? Plus we will also put the Popular Scholarships of these Destinations. We will focus on approximately 5 to 10 Best Countries to Study abroad. We will focus on different factors and opinions that what makes them different from each other and why they are popular among Students. So let’s get started. In 2021, over 8 million students chose to reap the huge benefits of studying abroad.

The number of international students will hit nearly 10 Million Students studying abroad. Always chose the country where you will get Full Scholarships, as well as there are work opportunities for you. After completing the degree you will have an opportunity to work and gain experience. If you’re looking for some inspiration, and interested in Studying abroad here’s a list of the 10 most popular countries to study abroad in.

Top 10 Popular Study Abroad Destination

RankCountryInternational student population

1# USA

No. of international studentsOverall % of international students

The USA Remains on No 1. Because it produces a quality of international students. The USA is a super-powerful country. All international brands, famous universities, business tycoons, top multinational companies are in the United States. With over 5,500 universities and colleges based in the nation, the US is home to an unbeatable variety of programs

The U.S. offers a lot of international scholarships for international students. In most U.S. Universities, you can Study without GRE. All Social Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Reddit, Instagram all are in the U.S.A. U.S Universities produce quality students.

You will get to know more about Why the USA is on top in the links below.

2# UK

No. of international studentsOverall % of international students

The UK has a rich history of higher education, and many of the world’s oldest and most admired universities are located here. The Good thing about the UK is there is 1 Year Master Degree program. When there is the UK, you will see the doors open.

Another advantage of studying in the UK is the language skills you’ll develop. English is a global language. UK offers huge number of Scholarships. Much like the US, the UK is proud of its vibrant and multicultural society. The UK is famous and popular among international students.

3# China

No. of international studentsOverall % of international students

China is among the Top 3 popular Study abroad destinations because those students who cannot get admissions in any other foreign country, they go to china! haha Jokes Apart. But China is rapidly-improving its educational reputation. You don’t need IELTS Test to Study in China.

China’s economy is booming and is on course to overtake the US in the coming years. Promising you a superb educational experience at a significantly cheaper cost. China also has some popular scholarships like Tsinghua Scholarship, the Chinese Government Scholarship which makes china the largest scholarship ever.

4# Canada

No. of international studentsOverall % of international students

Here comes Canada. My Favourite and everyone’s favorite. Because is a loving country. Canada has a lot to offer. They offer a lot of Scholarships for International Students in Canada. Students travel to Canada from far and wide to gain an internationally-recognized education.

Canada has 13 Universities where you can study without IELTS. Canada consistently ranks as the world’s best country for quality of life too. With great safety statistics, friendly communities, super healthcare, and a thriving job market.

5# Australia

No. of international studentsOverall % of international students

Australia is a Top 3rd Study Abroad Destination. Australia has the highest percentage of international students relative to its overall student body. Tuition fees are lower than in most other English-speaking countries, so studying here won’t break the bank either.

6# France

No. of international studentsOverall % of international students

France is a great option if you’re looking to gain a world-class education at a reasonable price. France is amongst Europe’s cheapest. France has a longstanding reputation for academic excellence and is famed for producing some of the world’s most influential scientists, artists, philosophers, and designers.

As well as having access to the great student cities of Paris, Toulouse, and Lyon, you’ll love how France acts as a gateway to the rest of Europe.

7# Germany

No. of international studentsOverall % of international studentsMost represented countries

Germany is the most popular for international students because no tuition fee in german universities is charged for international students.

The quality of the country’s educational institutions has also helped to boost Germany’s popularity. German universities are regularly shortlisted for awards in teaching and research, so you’re sure to have an enriching educational experience.

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Muhammad Saim Rasheed has won four fully-funded scholarships to the United States, Egypt, Turkey, and the Maldives. He is a Motivational Speaker and educationist. He started a Scholarship blog Opportunities Corner for young students to find global opportunities for Free.