Tsinghua University CSC Scholarship 2020 (Fully Funded)

Applications are now open to apply for the Tsinghua University CSC Scholarship 2020. Tsinghua University is offering scholarships for international Students to Pursue Bachelor’s, Masters & Doctoral Degree without any English Langauge Certificate.

Tsinghua University Scholarship is a Fully Funded Scholarship For International Students & Participants with any academic discipline are eligible to apply. Tsinghua University offers 15 Undergraduate Divisions, More than 100 Master programs & Over 80 Ph.D. Programs.

This is one of the best Scholarships in China for international students. The Duration of the Undergraduate Degree is 4 Years, Master 2-3 Years, & Doctoral Degree 3-4 Years. You can also apply for a Doctoral Degree Directly after Bachelors’s Degree, and the Duration will be 4-5 Years.

Tsinghua University CSC Scholarship 2020 Details

  • University: Tsinghua University, Beijing
  • Course Level: Bachelor, Masters, PhD
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: 30th Nov 2019 (Undergraduate) & 15th December 2019 (Graduate)

Undergraduate Programs

  • Course Duration: 4 Years
  • Language: English & Chinese
  • Fields: Design, Fine Arts, Sketch
  • Deadline: 30th November 2019

Graduate Programs

Tsinghua University CSC Scholarship Offers More than 100 Master Programs & Over 80 Ph.D. Programs. The Courses are taught in Chinese & in English. The list of Courses is given below. (M) Represents Master & (D) Represents Doctoral.

000School of Architecture
Civil Engineering(M)(D)
Urban and Rural Planning(M)(D)
Landscape Architecture(M)(D)
Master of Architecture(M)(EM)
003Department of Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering(M)(D)
Geodesy and Survey Engineering(M)
Transportation Engineering(M)
Management Science and Engineering(M)(D)
Project Management(EM)
004Department of Hydraulic Engineering
Civil Engineering(M)(D)
Hydraulic Engineering(M)(D)(EM)(ED)
Management Science and Engineering(M)(D)
005School of Environment
Environmental Science and Engineering(M)(D)(EM) (ED)
Civil Engineering(M)(D)
Nuclear Science and Technology(M)(D)
Environmental Engineering(M) Shenzhen
012Department of Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering(M)(D)(ED)
Aeronautical and Astronautical Science and Technology(M)(D)
013Department of Precision Instrument
Optical Engineering(D)
Instrument Science and Technology(D)
014Department of Energy and Power Engineering
Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics(M)(D)
Power Engineering(M)
015Department of Automotive Engineering
Mechanical Engineering(M)(D)(EM)
Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics(M)(D)
Vehicle Engineering(M)
016Department of Industrial Engineering
Management Science and Engineering(M)(D)(EM)
Logistics Engineering(M) Shenzhen
Master of Engineering Management(EM)
022Department of Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering(M)(D)
023Department of Electronic Engineering
Electronic Science and Technology(M)(D)
Information and Communication Engineering(M)(D)
024Department of Computer Science and Technology
Computer Science and Technology(M)(D)(EM)(ED)
Computer Technology(M) Shenzhen
025Department of Automation
Control Science and Engineering(M)(D)
Control Engineering(M) Shenzhen
026Department of Microelectronics and Nanoelectronics
Electronic Science and Technology(D)
Integrated Circuit Engineering(M)
031School of Aerospace Engineering
Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics(M)(D)
Aeronautical and Astronautical Science and Technology(M)(D)
032Department of Engineering Physics
Nuclear Science and Technology(M)(D)
Safety Science and Engineering(M)
Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Technology Engineering(EM)
034Department of Chemical Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering(M)(D)
Chemical Engineering and Technology(M)(D)
035School of Materials Science and Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering(M)(D)
Nuclear Science and Technology(D)
Materials Engineering(M) Shenzhen
042Department of Mathematical Sciences
Yau Mathematical Sciences Center(YMSC)
043Department of Physics
044Department of Chemistry
045School of Life Sciences
046Department of Earth System Science
047Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences
Computer Science and Technology(M)(D)
051School of Economics and Management
Theoretical Economics(D)
Applied Economics(D)
Management Science and Engineering(M)(D)
Business Administration(M)(D)
Master of Finance(M)
Master of Business Administration(M)(EM)
Master of Professional Accounting(M)
059School of Public Policy and Management
Public Administration(M)(D)
Master of Public Administration(M)(EM)
060PBC School of Finance
Master of Finance(M)
Master of Business Administration(M)
066School of Law
Science of Law(M)(D)
Juris Master(EM)
067School of Journalism and Communication
Journalism and Communication(M)(D)
Master of Journalism and Communication(EM)
068School of Marxism
Theory of Marxism(M)(D)
069School of Humanities
Chinese Language and Literature(M)(D)
Foreign Languages and Literature(M)(D)
History of China(M)(D)
History of the World(M)(D)
History of Science and Technology(M)
070School of Social Sciences
Theoretical Economics(M)(D)
Physical Education and Sport Science(M)(D)
Master of Science in Physical Education(M)
History of Science and Technology(M)
080Academy of Arts & Design
Art Theory(M)(D)
Fine Art(M)(D)
097Schwarzman College,Tsinghua University
Global Affairs(EM)
101Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology
Materials Science and Engineering(M)(D)
Chemical Engineering and Technology(M)(D)
Nuclear Science and Technology(M)(D)
Environmental Science and Engineering(M)(D)
103Institute of Education
Public Administration(M)(D)(EM)
400School of Medicine
Biomedical Engineering(M)(D)
Clinical Medicine(M)(D)
Master of Medicine(M)
Master of Public Health(EM)
402School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
410School of Software
Master of Software Engineering(M)
Software Engineering(M)(D)
600Tsinghua-UC Berkeley Shenzhen Institute
Environmental Science and New Energy Technology(M)(ED)
Data Science and Information Technology(M)(ED)
Precision Medicine and Healthcare(M)(ED)
601Global Innovation eXchange Institute, Tsinghua University
Data Science and Information Technology(M)
Graduate School at Shenzhen,Tsinghua University
Data Science and Information Technology(M)
Precision Medicine and Healthcare(M)

Types of Scholarships Offered by Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University Many Scholarships to international students. Currently, they are offering a Chinese Government Scholarship, Siemens China Scholarship, Tuition Scholarships, and Confucius Institute Scholarship.

Chinese Government Scholarship Coverage

  • Full Tuition Fee Cover.
  • On-Campus Accommodation (or Accommodation subsidy).
  • Medical Insurance.
  • Monthly Stipend: Master Students: CNY 3,000 Yuan. Doctoral Students: 3,500 Yuan

Tuition Scholarships Coverage

Tuition Scholarships Cover Full or Partial tuition fee with a Duration of One Academic year and Could be Applied Year by Year (competitive). Tuition Scholarships mainly refer to the following scholarship programs:

  • Beijing Government Scholarship (for Undergraduates and Master’s students)
  • Tsinghua University Scholarship (for Doctoral Students)

Application Documents

  • Personal statement
  • Degree certificate
  • Academic transcript
  • Two academic recommendation letters
  • Passport personal information page

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be applicable to the CGS 2020. The applicant must follow the given eligibility criteria.

  • The applicant must be Non-Chinese Nationals in good health & currently should not be studying in China.
  • The applicant who is applying for a Master’s Degree Must have a Bachelor’s Degree and the age should be under 35.
  • The applicant who is applying for a Doctoral Degree Must have a Master’s Degree and the age should be under 40.


The Last Date to Apply for the Tsinghua University CSC Scholarship in China 2020 is 30th Nov 2019 (Undergraduate) & 15th December 2019 (Graduate)

How to Apply For Tsinghua University CSC Scholarship

All Applicants Needs to Submit an Online Application. Also, Upload all the Documents.


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