Universities With No Application Fees & Low Tuition Fee Universities

There are a Number of Universities With No Application Fees. Seeking Admission Abroad Requires processing fees as well. Everyone can not afford to pay the Application Fee. Because the Fee is Non-Refundable as well as there are No 100% Chances that you will be granted admission or scholarship. We have a list of the Universities Without Application Fees for the Academic Year 2021-2022.

Apart from the Application Fee, Some Universities have very High Tuition Fee. We have also Listed Down the Low Tuition Fee Universities of the World. Here Comes the Europe where You can Study even without a Scholarship in a Low-Cost Tuition Fee University. Even there are Universities in Europe Where You Can Study without IELTS Requirements in Europe.

Looking for Colleges that do not charge application fees as well as Looking for Universities with Low Tuition Fees is Hard. But Dont Worry! We have got you covered. We have made it convenient for you to go through a list of colleges without an application fee and a List of Low Tuition Fee Universities. This article will make you well accustomed to all the cheapest Universities. We, Will, go through One by One.

List of Universities With No Application Fees

Searching for Colleges with No Application Fee is always a hard job. But Dont worry, we have made it easier for you Now.

The U.S. Universities With No Application Fee

1. University of Louisiana, Tulane

2. Yale University

4. Carleton College

5. Wellesley College

6. Colby College

7. Kenyon College

8. Smith College

9. Reed College

10. Grinnell College

11. Union College

12. Centre College

13. Bryn Mawr College

14. Earlham College

15. The Depauw University

16. Denison University

17. Rhodes College

18. Mount Holyoke College

19. College St. Olaf

20. University of South, Sewanee

21. The Hampshire College

22. The Case Western Reserve University

23. Clark and Lewis College

24. Trinity University in San Antonio

25. Wooster College

26. Juniata College

27. Presbyterian College

28. Ohio Wesleyan University

29. Drake University

30. Hendrix College

31. Hobart William Smith College

32. Creighton University

33. St. John’s College

34. Hamden Sydney College

35. Beloit College

36. Hills Dale College

37. SLU – Saint Louis University

38. The Transylvania University

39. South-Western University

40. Ursinus College

41. United States Military Academy at West Point

42. Tulane University

43. Lawrence University

44. Gustavus Adolphus College

45. New Mexico Military Institute

46. University of Dayton

47. United States Merchant Marine Academy

48. The University of St. Thomas – Minnesota

49. Illinois Wesleyan University

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Universities in Canada with No Application Fees

3 Canada Universities without Application Fees for International Students

  1. Royal Roads University
  2. Quest University International
  3. Booth University College

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Universities in Australia Without Application Fees

  1. Bond University
  2. Charles Darwin University
  3. University of South Australia
  4. The University of Notre Dame Australia
  5. University of Wollongong Australia

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Universities in China Without Application Fees

  1. Huazhong University of Science & Technology China
  2. The Renmin University of China
  3. The Dalian University of Technology of China
  4. Fujian University
  5. Sichuan University
  6. University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
  7. Shandong University of China
  8. Wuhan University
  9. Northwestern Polytechnical University of China
  10. Jiangsu University
  11. Shandong University of China
  12. Nanjing Agriculture University of China
  13. Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA)
  14. Northwest Agriculture & Forestry University
  15. East China Normal University
  16. Shandong University of China
  17. Nanjing University of China
  18. Northwest Agriculture University of China
  19. Jiangsu University
  20. Tianjin University
  21. Chongqing University China
  22. Huazhong University of China
  23. Zhejiang Science and Technology University
  24. Southwest University
  25. University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
  26. Chongqing University China
  27. Wuhan University of Technology of China
  28. Northeast Normal University
  29. Fujian University
  30. Harbin Engineering University
  31. Donghua University Shanghai (At the time of Application, no fee required)
  32. Northeast Normal University
  33. Harbin University of science and technology
  34. Nanjing Agriculture University of China
  35. East China Normal University
  36. Harbin University of science and technology
  37. Chongqing University of Posts & Telecommunication
  38. Southwest Jiaotong University of China
  39. Southwest University
  40. Wuhan University of Technology of China
  41. Yanshan University
  42. The Dalian University of Technology of China
  43. Southeast University of China
  44. Northwestern Polytechnical University of China
  45. The Renmin University of China
  46. Wuhan University
  47. Zhejiang Science and Technology University
  48. Chongqing University of Posts & Telecommunication
  49. Shaanxi Normal University
  50. Shaanxi Normal University
  51. Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA)
  52. Southeast University of China
  53. Southwest Jiaotong University of China
  54. Yanshan University
  55. Nanjing University of China
  56. Harbin Engineering University
  57. Shandong University of China

List of Low Tuition Fee Universities

Now here is a List of All Low Tuition Cost Universities around the world:

Universities in Austria with Low Tuition Fee

  1. Technische Universität Wien
  2. Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
  3. Universität für Bodenkultur Wien
  4. Wels College of Engineering (WCE)
  5. Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz
  6. Veterinärmedizinische Universität Wien
  7. Universität für künstlerische und Industrielle Gestaltung Linz
  8. Universität Innsbruck
  9. Universität Linz
  10. Universität Vienna
  11. Universität Klagenfurt
  12. Universität Mozarteum Salzburg
  13. Universität Graz
  14. Universität Salzburg
  15. Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien
  16. University of Applied Sciences
  17. Universität Graz
  18. Vienna International Fine Art Academy
  19. Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien
  20. The University of Music and Dramtic Arts in Graz
  21. Technische Universität Graz
  22. Webster University, Vienna
  23. Technikum Wien

Universities in Switzerland With Low Tuition Fee

  1. United International Business School (Under CHF 15,000)
  2. Franklin University Switzerland (CHF 710-22,500)
  3. University of Lucerne (Under CHF 23,500)
  4. SBS Swiss Business School (CHF 2300 – 9500)
  5. Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences (Over CHF12,700)
  6. University of St Gallen (HSG) (Euro 12,000)
  7. Cesarittz Colleges (CHF 41,600 – 155,950)
  8. Geneva Business School (CHF 5,730 – 20,000)
  9. HIM HOTEL INSTITUTE MONTREUX (CHF 44,100 – 141,660)
  10. ETH Zurich (Under CHF 32,000)
  11. University of Italian Switzerland (Under CHF 55,000)
  12. Webster University Geneva (CHF 40,000 or more)
  13. IHTTI School of Hotel Management (CHF 35,820 – 140,080)
  14. University of Bern (CHF 30,000 and more)
  15. University of Art and Design (Over CHF 7500)
  16. Ecole Polytechnique Federal De Lausanne (Over CHF 50,000)
  17. European Graduate School (US$1,800 to 27,100)
  18. Sustainability Management School (Over CHF 50,000)
  19. The American Graduate School of Business (CHF 300-60,000)
  20. State Tourism and Hotel Management School (Under CHF 18,000)
  21. University of Business and International Studies (UBIS) (CHF 40,000 or above)

Low Cost Universities in Poland

  1. Agricultural University of Cracow
  2. Academy of Economics in Wroclaw
  3. European Academy of Arts in Warsaw
  4. College of Science, Warsaw
  5. Gdansk Medical Academy
  6. Gdansk Management College
  7. Jagiellonian University Cracow
  8. Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology in Warsaw
  9. Polish Open University in Warsaw
  10. School of Banking and Management in Cracow
  11. University of Lodz
  12. Technical University of Warsaw
  13. University of Silesia
  14. University of Warsaw
  15. University of Wroclaw

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Low Cost Universities in Belarus

Here is the complete list of Low Tuition Universities in Belarus

  1. Belarussian State Agricultural Academy
  2. Belarussian State Technological University
  3. Brest State Technical University
  4. Belarussian State University
  5. Brest State University
  6. Gomel State Medical Institute
  7. European Humanities University
  8. Grodno State Medical Institute
  9. Polatsk State University
  10. Minsk State Linguistic University

Low-Cost Universities in Russia

  • Ural State Technical University
  • Baltic State Technical University
  • Altai State Technical University
  • Bauman State Technical University
  • High School of Economics
  • European University at St.Petersburg
  • International University of Engineering, Moscow
  • Jewish University of Moscow
  • Ivano State Academy of Medicine
  • Kazan State University
  • Kuban State University of Technology
  • Kazan State University of Technology
  • Kursk State Medical University
  • Petersburg State University
  • Moscow State University
  • Surgut State University
  • Tomsk State University
  • Tambov State Technical University

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