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Why Study in United States? Study in the United States is one of the dreams. Studying at a university in the United States will provide you with many opportunities that you will not find in other countries. Whenever I heard about the word USA, it reminds me of the days I spent in the united states during the summer of 2017 under a student exchange program SUSI. The United States is like the Heart of the world and New York is like the Heart of the USA.

The U.S. produces students who are well educated across multiple disciplines. The Top Multinational companies are in the US. I use Facebook it’s in the USA, I use youtube, it’s in the USA, I use Google it’s in the USA. All the Top Rated Universities are in US. The US universities produce Quality of Students. Facebook CEO is Graduated from the US, Microsoft CEO Bill Gates Graduated from US University. But how do international students find the right U.S. university to pursue their educations?

The Era of Scholarships in USA is almost open. Most of the Universities of USA already opened their Scholarships applications. The Current Scholarships of United states yu can track at Scholarships for International Students in USA | 2020-2021. Even now its easier to fulfil your dream of study in the united states. Because now you can study in USA without IELTS and TOEFL and GRE/GMAT. It’s because of COVID-19. Here are 6 reasons to study in the U.S. and how our university system sets itself apart as a study destination for international students.

Reasons for Why Study in United States?

There are many valid reasons to study united states your education destination. It’s obvious that studying in the united states is very expensive. But there are some ways to study in the united states at a low cost. There are 6 Reasons highlighted below.

Why Study in United StatesWhy Study in United States

Flexibility in Declaring a Major

According to U.S. News & World Report, 48 of the top 100 Global Universities are in the United States. As I said above, the US Universities produce quality students and the famous Technology Giants are graduated from US Universities.

Students in the United States typically are not required to declare a major until the end of their second year of study. Many students will remain “undeclared” or “undecided” on their major and use these two years to explore their academic interests before settling on a major.

In other countries, students are typically required to declare their field of study when they apply, or they must apply directly to (and be accepted by) that specific college within the university.

Full Scholarships in United States

US universities offer full scholarships to study in the United States. One good thing about US universities is that they allow all international students from any country. They cover almost all the expenses during the scholarship program. The following scholarships are currently open to study in USA, you can apply for them.

  1. Recently Google announced 100,000 Scholarships for International Students.
  2. The Microsoft CE Bill Gates announced 300 Bill Gates Scholarships Program 2021 | United States | Fully Funded
  3. The American University announced an Online Distance Learning Scholarship for the Year 2021.
  4. The Stanford University, which is normally known as the 2nd Top University of the world announced 100 Knight Hennessy Scholarship Program 2021
  5. Recently, according to U.S News, You can Study in the USA without IELTS/GMAT Now. This Policy is only applicable until the Summer 2021 Session.

US Exchange Programs (All Expenses Covered)

Another reason to select the USA your study destination for Student exchange programs. The United States is famous for providing Short Term student exchange programs for all international students. Short term exchange programs vary from country to country. Some of the Most famous exchange programs for which people eagerly waiting.

Six Weeks Summer Exchange Program: SUSI [Fully Funded] Summer Exchange Program to the United States of America (SUSI is for all Countries, but announce don different dates for each country. So contact US Embassy in your country)

Global UGRAD Exchange Program: Global UGRAD is a Famous US Exchange Program for almost 4 to 5 Months. Global UGRAD Exchange Program to USA (Fully Funded). (SUSI is for all Countries, but announce don different dates for each country. So contact the US Embassy in your country).

Hansen Summer Institute: Hansen Summer Institute is another Short Term exchange program in the USA available to all International Students. Check Hansen Summer Institute Summer Exchange Program (Their Application Dates are same for all countries).

University of Iowa Summer Exchange Program: The University of Iowa is another 3 Weeks Short Term exchange Program in the USA. It also covers all expenses. Check the University of Iowa Summer Exchange Program. (Their Application Dates are same for all countries).

Emphasis on Internships & Career Advancement

Universities in the United States offer internship programs as a way to kickstart your professional career. Many students obtain internships during their college years to take advantage of hands-on experience and get access to better-paying jobs after graduation.

Whether you want to return to your home country after graduation or remain in the United States to work full time, your U.S. education will undoubtedly be the starting point for a successful career.

Engaging in the full campus experience

The campus community is another one of the many reasons to study in the United States. Colleges and universities in the U.S. offer a wide range of campus activities beyond just academics.

You will have the opportunity to join athletics, music, drama, arts, Greek life, volunteering, and many other clubs and student organizations. If you want to have an active and engaging campus experience, attending school in the U.S. will provide you with many chances to get involved.

Diversity of student population on campus

The United States is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. International students from all over the globe come to the U.S. for college. If you study in the United States, you will have the opportunity to learn new languages, meet new friends, and experience new cultures each day.

American universities offer many other resources for students, from career services to mental health services. Now that we’ve shared all the best reasons to study in the U.S., you can research about kore Study Program in USA schools in the Search Directory

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Muhammad Saim Rasheed has won four fully-funded scholarships to the United States, Egypt, Turkey, and the Maldives. He is a Motivational Speaker and educationist. He started a Scholarship blog Opportunities Corner for young students to find global opportunities for Free.